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Advantages over offline jobs.

Online Jobs
Offline Jobs
1. You don't have to wake up early in the morning nor you'll have to wake up till late nights to finish your projects.
1. You have to wake up in early mornings and stay awake for late nights.
2. You can sleep as much as you like and work in your on time.
2. You have to go to office on time otherwise you have to listen many things from your BOSS.
3. Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as you like and whenever you like because you don't need to hurry to go to office.
3. If you wake up late, then say goodbye to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
4. You may be a newbie or an experienced business man, sales man, designer, programmer, writer, blogger.
4. You have to be qualified, experience and have degrees if you are to compete with other job seekers.
5. You don't need to wait for the turn of the month to get your payment. You'll get your payment instantly.
5. You have to wait for the first day of the month for your payment.
6. The BEST part is that you'll be the BOSS of your own.
6. You have to work under your BOSS.

Earning website

It's one of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet. It is a new era of making money online. All you need is your own domain i.e. your own website and you can open yourself with many sources of income. The most common one is through AdSenseā„¢ advertising service and affiliate marketing.

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People who have not heard about the term "Micro works" (Micro works) may be confused about it. The term is also really confusing. The word "micro" explains about itself, "Micro works" are the works or jobs or any services which are very very small that usually involves micro i.e. very little amount of money.

$0.01 - $10 or may be more according to the .... Read More


Let us make you understand better about the paying survey sites. In a Survey site you have to do a survey or surveys by answering many questions (about 15 to 25). But you have to be eligible to do the survey. It means that you have to be the resident to given country. Like US, Canada, Australia,the Great Britain,etc.

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Selling photos

This could be little shocking but YES you can earn money by selling your photos and videos online. The photos and videos must be yours only, not copied from others, not shared in any sites (e.g. Facebook, hotmail, etc).Many people need photos and videos for advertisement of their business.

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Other jobs

Now we move to the other online jobs available on the internet. There are many work at home job available these days. And many internet scams target people who are searching these kinds of jobs. So to avoid these kinds of scam you must directly work from the main company which employs you.

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